• Tetto verde estensivo
  • Giardino pensile con fiori ed erbe aromatiche
  • Tetto verde inclinato
  • Tetto verde illuminato di notte
  • Tetto verde con pavimento di legno

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Il Verde Pensile come sistema ecologico, innovativo e sostenibile. Approfondimenti tecnici e commerciali per professionisti.

La vita sul tetto

  • People and insects on a green roof
  • Extensive green roof in the city
  • Sedum roof from bird's eye view
  • Sedum roof and solar panels
  • Extensive green roof in the city
  • Retention spacer elements during installation
  • Biodiverse green roof
  • Dead wood in front of gravel
  • Green roof with lawn on top of an underground garage
  • People on a roof garden with water feature and sitting area

Where will the journey take us?

People need sound ecosystems to live in. The catastrophic flooding that occurred in Germany in the summer of 2021 is one of the most painful experiences that will accelerate a change in attitude among policy makers and within society.  And, it is not before time. Decisive measures aimed at adapting to climate change, which involve the creation of a liveable green and blue infrastructure, are long overdue - even though the technical ways and means are here already.

  • Rooftop garden from bird's eye view
  • Roof garden with vegetable patches
  • Vegetable garden
  • Vegetable garden on a roof surrounded by buildings
  • Vegetable garden
  • Roof garden with vegetable patches
  • Cucumber plants
  • Harvesting lettuce
  • Courgette
  • Various vegetables
  • Brewery
  • The Protection Mat SSM 45 is applied on a roof
  •  Floradrain® FD 40-E
  • Geogrids are being installed
  • Substrate is blown onto the roof
  • Roof garden with vegetable patches

Urban Farming in Toronto

“Fresh ingredients taste better” is the guiding principle of the farm to table movement and nothing could be more natural than using your own roof for growing herbs, vegetables or even hops. The Avling Kitchen and Brewery in Toronto has proven this with their 400 m² roof garden that supplies all kinds of ingredients for their own brewery and restaurant.

  • People sitting in an orchard
  • Bench in front of a meadow
  • Fruit trees and meadow in front of high buildings
  • Walking path through meadows with small fruit trees
  • Walking path through meadows with small fruit trees
  • Hammock between fruit trees
  • A person lies on a lawn
  • A branch of a fruit tree in front of a meadow with margarites
  • Entrance into an underground car park
  • Substrate is being applied on the roof area
  • Excavator on a roof area filled with substrate

The former wholesale fruit, vegetable and flower market in the Valby district of Copenhagen will be replaced by the year 2025 by a modern residential area with approx. 3,000 mixed use apartments, in addition to shops, cafés and offices. With an area of 23,000 m², Grønttorvet Park is the green heart of the project, covering the underground car park that is 9,000 m² in size.

  • Pitched green roof
  • Green roof and view over the surrounding landscape
  • Olive trees in front of a pitched green roof
  • Olive branch and vines in front of a pitched green roof
  • Vines in front of a pitched green roof
  • Vines in front of a pitched green roof
  • Vines in front of a pitched green roof
  • Pitched green roof with Sedum and creeping rosmary
  • Creeping rosemary and other plants on a green roof
  • Pitched green roof flowering white and purple
  • Cistus albidus and other purple flowers on a green roof
  • Green roof with drip lines
  • Cerastium tomentosum in full flower on a green roof
  • Installation of a green roof
  • Substrat is being applied on a pitched green roof
  • Georaster® elements and substrate on a pitched green roof
  • Substrate, Floraset® FS 75 elements and Floradrain® FD 40-E on a pitched roof
  • Newly planted vegetation and driplines on a pitched green roof
  • Pitched green roof in full bloom

Greening the barrel roof of a winery

Bodegas Ramón Bilbao in Haro, a winery steeped in tradition and innovation, is located in the ancient wine-growing region of Rioja Alta in the north east of Spain. Apart from its world-renowned exclusive wines, it now has a green roof that is just as exclusive. By using three different ZinCo systems, a perfectly fitting green roof was installed on the barrel roof of the new winery, ranging from flat to steep-pitched, and covering an area of about 2,000 m² and arched up to 35°.


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ZinCo sviluppa soluzioni su misura per la realizzazioni di inverdimenti duraturi. Leader nella progettazione di punti e linee vita integrati nel sistema a verde e senza la perforazione della guaina, sviluppa anche diversi sistemi per sfruttare le superfici dei tetti anche nella fase di costruzione o di manutenzione. Attraverso un sistema innovativo si possono combinare inverdimenti e impianti a pannelli fotovoltaici – sempre senza perforazione della guaina.